Enhance your company's talent management strategy and support the needs of your women leaders with customized coaching solutions. 

Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes.
— International Coach Federation (ICF)

Corporate and executive Coaching: an unparalleled return on investment

According to a recent study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 86% of companies working with a coach report a positive return on investment.

  • Improved work performance – 70%
  • Improved time management – 57%
  • Improved team effectiveness – 51%
  • Improved communication skills – 72%
  • Improved work-life balance – 67%

a partner in business

Use Winsight Coaching as an extension of your talent management team to:

  • Be a confidential resource for exploring new ideas and concepts.
  • Act as a guide in developing strategy and business goals.
  • Attract, retain and develop new or transitioning leaders.
  • Explore and strengthen leadership styles.
  • Hone communication skills and executive presence.
  • Find the simplest solutions to leadership and talent challenges.

I appreciated Regina’s belief that leaders should develop their organizations based on their strengths and with an appreciation for what they do well, not by focusing on the skills they lacked.
— Colleague at Rexnord Industries

Bespoke corporate and executive coaching services

Each organization requires different services from their coach. Bring me your challenge and we can work together to design a program that works for your Company culture, your team and your leaders.

As part of the corporate and executive coaching relationship, the company acts as the sponsor for an individual or team. The coaching participant becomes the client. The three of us—sponsor, client and coach—are partners working to ensure the client experiences a positive, personal, confidential engagement geared towards achieving business objectives. Contact me to schedule a discovery discussion about how Winsight's coaching services can support your organization's talent management strategy.

Coaching Conversations

Coaching Conversations are central to all coaching engagements.

The Coaching Conversation is an opportunity for one-on-one, confidential coaching. The sessions are tailored to maximize the clients potential and strengths. These sessions may include work on goal setting, strengths application, interpersonal communication, leadership style definition, executive presence, conflict resolution or personal impact.

Length: Scheduled in 30-, 45- or 60-minute increments, conducted via teleconference or in person as required by the Client. A minimum of two sessions per month are recommended.

Shadow Coaching

With shadow coaching, I accompany an individual client through a typical work day. This provides an opportunity to explore interpersonal dynamics and individual strengths in an every-day environment.

Length: The ideal session is six-hours and can be broken into two, three-hour sessions.

On-Demand Coaching

Between scheduled coaching sessions, on-demand coaching allows your team or individual leaders to contact me on-demand via email, phone and text. This service is designed as an add-on to the other services and provides the leader(s) with reinforcement on a plan of action or to provide clarity in specific situations.

Length: Options range from a set number of contacts per month to unlimited accessibility.

CliftonStrengths® Assessment and strengths Report

The CliftonStrengths Assessment (previously known as StrengthsFinder) is a renowned tool in the business world designed to help your team and leaders discover what makes them unique. We begin with an online assessment of strengths and rankings across 34 talent dimensions. Results will be delivered through an individualized report and will be used to support, focus, and customize the coaching efforts for each individual. This process provides a powerful opportunity for an individual to realize and maximize their strengths while learning how to manage around areas of non-strength.

You can choose between the Signature Theme Report (top 5 Talents) or the Theme Sequence Report (a ranking of all 34 Talent Themes).

Lominger Leadership Architect® Competency Assessment

The Lominger Leadership Architect Competency Assessment identifies the leader’s competencies (skills, behaviors and abilities) and areas that may pose a challenge for the leader. The results are used to support and focus the coaching effort on the competencies most beneficial for the leader to develop and leverage, while managing those characteristics that pose the greatest risk to the leader’s success.

This assessment can be used as either a self-assessment process or to gather feedback from others in the organization to be used in the coaching process.

Verbal 360 Assessment

A Verbal 360 Assessment consists of one-on-one interviews with an individual’s peers, direct reports, customers and/or manager. Unlike quantitative 360 evaluations, this method effectively delivers qualitative results focused on identifying the specific behaviors that enhance or distract from an individual’s overall effectiveness. The results are grouped for confidentiality, compiled into a report, and incorporated into Coaching Conversations. This process can also support an organization’s existing 360 feedback process if the leader is looking to gain a deeper understanding of the results.

A blanket of care

We all have our own strengths, even when we feel physically weak. At those times, we often need someone to help us back up again. As a small symbol of encouragement and strength, Winsight Coaching donates warm blankets – hugs – to loved ones, friends or neighbors battling cancer.

A hand-made fleece blanket is donated in honor of each new client. If you know someone living with cancer it can be sent as a gift on your behalf. Alternately, a blanket can be donated in your name to a local cancer treatment center.