Leverage your wisdom and insights to achieve greater personal success, happiness and balance.


Personal Coaching

What do you want more of? Is it increased success? Extra time? A bigger purpose? More joy? 

Your personal leadership coach is your mentor and guide. I’ll help you define what is needed to get more from life. Together we focus on leveraging your talents to:

  • Reach your personal and professional goals faster.
  • Work through complex issues to find the best and simplest solution for you.
  • Find greater life satisfaction and purpose.
  • Find more of whatever you are seeking: Success, time, purpose, joy.

Personal coaching is customized for senior executives and women leaders seeking personal growth and balance. Explore your personal strengths in a safe, confidential environment. Client confidentiality is central to the Winsight process because I am working for you. 

Why hire regina as your coach?

Professional women partner with me when:

  • Experiencing a new business or personal challenge
  • Ready to advance professionally
  • Transitioning within or out of an organization
  • Craving a career change
  • Seeking more: Work-life balance, success or happiness
  • Feeling stuck
  • Ready to commit to focusing on their development

Do you relate to one or more of these experiences? If so, now is the perfect time to start working with Winsight Coaching.

Regina is a gifted leader who is able to use her experience in coaching executives, women or leadership teams. She is genuine in the truest sense and is able to use that to open conversations and ask questions as a part of the coaching process. She is passionate about helping people develop to reach their potential. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Regina.
— Colleague at Ariens Company

Getting Started

You are one-of-a-kind. And your coaching engagement should be too. Winsight Coaching offers a variety of leadership coaching engagements. Examples of common coaching programs are outlined below. Don’t see a plan that fits your goals? Let me know and together we can create a customized coaching strategy to meet your needs. 

Reach out via a phone call or email, and together we can determine the path and services that are right for you.

The Coaching Conversation

At the center of any personal coaching is the Coaching Conversation.

The Coaching Conversation is your time, your agenda. We’ll find the pace that’s right for you and together explore your goals; options for achieving them, roadblocks impeding your progress, and the actions you can take to start making them a reality.

Often it’s difficult to self-identify the strengths and communication styles impacting our success. Using tools such as CliftonStrengths® Assessment (previously called StrengthsFinder), Lominger Career Architect® and other resources in combination with the Coaching Conversations will help us put words to those strengths and styles.

Small Change Coaching Program

Just like the coins in your piggy bank, small change can add up to big value over time. Start reaping that value now with our Small Change coaching program, designed for busy professionals who are interested in starting small.

Through Coaching Conversations and the use of the CliftonStrengths® Assessment, you’ll get a feel for coaching while we explore your strengths. We’ll identify how to best leverage one or two of those strengths to reach your next goal.

What’s included?

  • Three 30-minute Coaching Conversations - teleconference
  • CliftonStrengths® Assessment and Signature Theme Report - A ranking of your top five strengths
  • A blanket of care

Winds of change Coaching Program

Designed for women executives and leaders experiencing the Winds of Change. You have a desire for more success, time, purpose, or maybe joy. You might not know what’s next, but one thing is sure: You are ready to find out.

Together we will identify a direction and set you on your path to more; using regular coaching conversations and assessments.

To see true benefits, a minimum four-month commitment is recommended.

What’s included?

  • Introductory session
  • Regularly scheduled Coaching Conversations - teleconference
  • CliftonStrengths®  Assessment and Theme Sequence Repot – A ranking of all 34 talent themes
  • Supplementary communication through email, phone and text
  • Access to Client Corner tools and resources - A collection of assessments, tools and resources to help you be the best version of yourself.
  • A blanket of care

game changer Coaching Program

The Game Changer is just as it sounds. It’s designed for women executives and leaders who are ready to make a real personal and professional impact.

Through regular coaching conversations, the use of proven personal inventory tools and unlimited correspondence between conversations, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our most effective form of coaching.

To realize the true benefits, a minimum six-month commitment is recommended.

What does a Game Changer look like?

  • Introductory session
  • Regularly scheduled coaching conversations - teleconference
  • CliftonStrengths® Assessment and Theme Sequence Repot – A ranking of all 34 talent themes
  • Lominger Leadership Architect® Competency Assessment – Assessment of skills, behaviors and abilities used to focus the coaching effort on competencies you most want to develop and leverage
  • Unlimited supplementary communication through email, phone and text
  • Access to Client Corner tools and resources - A collection of assessments, tools and resources to help you be the best version of yourself.
  • A blanket of care

A blanket of care

Even when we feel physically weak, we still have strengths. At those times, we often need someone to help us up again. As a small symbol of encouragement and strength, Winsight Coaching donates warm blankets – hugs – to loved ones, friends or neighbors struggling with cancer.

A hand-made fleece blanket is donated in honor of each new client. If you know someone living with cancer it can be sent as a gift on your behalf. Alternately, your blanket will be donated, in your name, to a local cancer treatment center.