Last Minute Gifts - A Few of My Favorite Things

Pressure is mounting. Only 3 days left to find that perfect gift. The one that says I know who you are and what you love. Or the one that says this gift represents how I feel about you.

Finding the right gift can often be a challenging ordeal. We have so little time left in our days, the aisles are crowded and parking at the stores is next to impossible to find. To aid you with your last minute gift giving here are a couple suggestions to help you out.

Favorite Things

For the Executive in your life check out I’m addicted to their paper! Smooth, holds the ink well, and makes me feel more brilliant when I’m writing down my ideas. They have it all from old fashioned ink pens to the latest iPad accessories. Everything you need to look great and function well at work. Items can also be personalized (unfortunately not in time for Christmas) and come in a wide range of colors – one that is sure to make that Executive in your life stand out.

For the In-the-Know person in your life give them the gift of With access to over 140 weekly and monthly periodicals they will have access to all the news and latest trends right at their fingertips without the need to weigh down their backpacks or briefcases with magazines. Additionally it saves them the guilt of watching them pile up on the corner of their desk, stressing about when they are going to have time to read them and concern about the impact on our landfills when they finally get around to throwing them away. With they can take all of them with them, including back issues, wherever they go. Delay in the airport? No problem, I’ll just catch up on the latest fashion trends.

For everyone – young and old – in your life give them a gift from This is a Company that first and foremost cares about you the customer. Their Company brand, culture and experience have all been built around you the customer. As a previous HR Leader I’m personally drawn to the work culture at Zappos. Like most companies they have their list of core values. Unlike most companies, their list includes items such as #3 Create fun and a little weirdness. In addition to finding great shoes, clothes and accessories on the site you can have confidence that the item can be returned without any hassle if it’s not quite right.

For the Recent Grad or Young Professional in your life give them the gift of learning their strengths through StrengthsFinder 2.0. This is actually a great gift for anyone in your life and at any stage of their career but I especially like using it with young professionals as a way to help them identify the roles and organizations where they are most likely to thrive. With this online assessment they will identify their Top 5 Talent Themes and learn how to exercise these muscles to create a solid core. Envision them strengthening their 5-pack; with a strong core all the other muscles get stronger too.

For the person that’s ready for change give them the gift of a professional coach. Changes, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe this is the year when they are going to make a career change. Maybe this is the year when they are going to start their own business. Maybe this is the year when they are going to stop micromanaging and learn to delegate. With the support of a professional coach the person will get greater clarity around what they need and will achieve their goal faster. When selecting a coach I recommend you consider two things:

  • First, is the Coach a member of or credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) or other credentialing organization? Like consultants, there are currently no licensing requirements for someone to be a coach so it’s important to find someone that has at least gone through a process of training and education in the field. Additionally, by selecting someone who is a member of the ICF you are getting a level of assurance that they will conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner in compliance with the ICF Code of Ethics.
  • Second, does the coach have experience working with this type of person or this type of change? Just like any profession the background and experiences that the Coach brings to the conversation is essential. One of the best ways to find a Coach is to ask your colleagues who they know and have had experience with in the past.

Ultimately, whatever gift you choose to give this Christmas, the one that means the most is the one that comes from your heart.

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